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Case Studies

Case Study: Byerly Parts
Industry: Aviation
Challenge: Automatically add core item when one of the triggers is added

The main problem Byerly Parts were facing is that they have certain "core" items that need to be purchased whenever an item (or item combo) is added to the cart. Adding shopify bundles can be a little bit challenging, but tracking the state and making sure that it's always up to date (if you add another, the items shouldn't overlap) can be quite a challenge for a little Shopify cart. Our Shopify web developers broke the process down the problem into few separate logical parts:

[ trigger ] -> [ add to cart ] -> [ if trigger removed ] -> [ adjust the cart ]

Pretty simple workflow. Here's what one of the items looked like. It's a fuel pump that requires the core item to be added to the cart. To make things even more interesting each core item is associated with multiple trigger items. 


Byerly Parts Kaleido

To make things simple, when items A, B, C or D are added to the cart, always add a single core item. Adding items proved to be quite simple. There is a spectacular JavaScript library for Shopify, called CartJS that made our life much easier. All we needed to do is interrupt the add to cart flow, inject our script and voila, all done. Well, it was a bit more complex than that. We had to figure out the current variant, the associated core variant and add it to the cart. Coupled with the magic of our add-on called Add Free Gift we were able to achieve 100% what our client wanted, automatically.

Shopify API


That was the end of the easy part and where the real fun began. The trouble with the cores is that it was a one to many ratio so if any of the triggers were changed in the cart, the number of cores had to be changed dynamically as well. Fairly straight forward. However, it did require figuring out the number of cores, triggers and assigning listeners to each trigger in order to know when the number has changed. Oh, and cores were not editable in the cart. Hint: Disabled input field didn't work (calculations were wrong at checkout) so we opted to use read-only which worked like magic!

Byerly Parts Kaleido Shopify Experts

To make things even easier, we added a realtime trigger update when the number of core was changed (or a core was removed) with a brief delay which proved to save some time (and will increase the checkout rate) as it will save the buyer one click. We did something similar with a product breaks setup we did recently and everyone seems to love it - hint hint, patent time :)

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