About Kaleido

Kaleido a full service Shopify Expert and Partner agency with one goal in mind - bringing enormous amounts of value to our customers. The reason we started Kaleido is because we had a horrible experience dealing with certain very popular agencies. 

We vowed never to repeat their mistakes, to treat our customers the way they deserve which is precisely the reason we're #1 Customer rated Shopify agency in the world. We don't compromise or accept anything less than sensational experience. One time we made a store sing, that was quite fun. Ultimately our multimedia client decided to remove the sound. If they didn't you bet we'd feature it here, it's probably the best experience we've had working on any Shopify store to date. 


What's with the name? 

Glad you asked - or didn't but we'll gladly answer anyways. Kaleido is inspired by two distinct cultures - Greek and Japanese. We've always admired the innovation, ingenuity and persistence of the Greeks and the simplicity, zen like approach and gorgeous beauty of the Japanese culture. Thus, we created a name from 2 words: καλός  (good / beautiful) + dō (way). One happy coincidence is the word kaleidoscope, aka seeing things in a different way, however that wasn't our main motivation for the name.  


How big is your team? 

We're a team of 12 currently. Interestingly enough, we're not in the same country. We work and breathe as one thanks to the magic of Slack and Skype though. From the beautiful streets of Estonia to gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, we cover pretty much all time zones. That said, our heart is and always will be the old continent, Europe. 

More questions? Want to work together? Just want to say hi? Feel free to use any of numerous "Get in Touch" buttons and let us know what you think.  

To your success!