One Page Checkout

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One Page Checkout is the crown jewel of online shopping as well as our most popular Shopify Add On. Don't make customers go through 3+ steps just to make an order. The easier you make it for them to order, the more orders you will have. Simple. 

Our addon offers absolutely stunning and insanely simple responsive design for all your orders. Optionally, you can create customer's account on first order (one time payment plan). Choose between gorgeous Keleido design or totally custom, personalized and branded edition (one time payment plan). We offer two types of plans to suit different clients' needs: Enterprise clients have the ability to purchase and growing Shopify businesses can choose to use this feature monthly. Kaleido One Page Checkout works perfectly on any Shopify plan.

Need more? We offer One Click Checkout as a special add-on for One Page Checkout. Offer customers to check out straight from the cart. Interested? Let us know at