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Quick Fix

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Have you ever struggled with a Shopify issue and not had a developer on hand? Maybe it's just a small tweak and you'd like it fixed but there was nobody?

That's why we came up with The Quick Fix - Recurring Shopify Maintenance, on the budget and on the go. Our developers are available 24/7 to do any super small jobs and fixes, same day delivery, for just €279/month. If you have an issue, we can solve it, within a single business day.

Here are a few things we do for our clients:

  • Unexpected catastrophes
  • Weird code errors
  • Ideas on quickly growing your site traffic
  • Super power search engine traffic
  • Boost your brand and conversion rates
  • Improve your Shopify store's bounce rate
  • Optimize Shopify app(s)
  • Totally customized requests

No contract or monthly lock in fees. Subscribe when you need to, unsubscribe whenever you wish. Never let your store suffer catastrophic events with our new magical Quick Fix.

Slow Shopify store? Have you heard that our Kaleido club members also get a complementary Instant PageLoad app? Download it right here. It uses a bit of magic to pre-load on button hover and you'll never again need suffer from the slow loading speeds. Works on any Shopify store.