Case Study: 8Life.lv
Industry: Food & Beverages
Challenge: Create a specialized and highly custom online food & beverages store to complement more than 200 restaurants around the Baltic area. 

8life Shopify Kaleido Experts

Food. A weak point for each member of Kaleido development team. Note from our CEO: This project was really tricky because we had to keep our fridge full at all times :) 

Kidding aside, this was a very fun project to work on. It was the first time we worked with the client (soon enough we'd work on the next project, called Brandberry (again slightly foody) so we were testing things out. It turned out that our client was absolutely amazing and the ease of working with them was impressive. We managed to set up the whole website quite quickly, adding all the necessary imagery, applications and optimizing the website through our SEO checklist.

It looks absolutely stunning and it works like a well oiled machine. They were the first store to see our Instant PageLoad app in action and they were impressed. Combining the amazing quality of the products, with their marketing expertize and our help with the tech part, they were able to launch an instantly successful Shopify store, almost over night. The Entrepreneur+ Shopify Package was their way to embark on this amazing journey. What's yours? 

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