Byerly Parts

Case Study: Byerly Parts
Industry: Aviation
Challenge: Automatically add core item when one of the items is added and make sure that all the items are always kept in sync.


Byerly Parts Shopify App Kaleido API

We absolutely love flying. Some of us spend more than 100 hours flying every year (that is the CEO duty essentially). This project was quite interesting because it required us to juggle quite a few separate parts. Previously we had an add-on that would automatically add items to the cart and it was one of our top sellers.

However, this functionality was significantly more complex. Byerly has certain parts that go together (unlike pineapple and pizza). So if you order one piece you have to order the other one. It's a project we'd repeat again in the future, creating an mini Shopify app that automatically adds free samples, however, this project was where it all began. We've developed a super custom code that could be replicated on any Shopify store, using any Shopify theme and it turned out amazing. It's fascinating to see how, even though a website like Byerly, that works with high tech aviation and a website that works with cosmetic free samples have the same code base needs. 

It was a truly amazing experience and we are in the process of ideation for a private Shopify automatic inventory sync app for Byerly parts at the moment. It will probably be our biggest app yet, and we can't wait to begin.