Genesis Wines

Case Study:
Industry: Luxury Wines
Challenge: Migrate website from custom platform, create custom apps, sync inventory with external systems, create customized ordering system.

Genesis Wines Kaleido Shopify Experts Partners Developers

Genesis Wines has been our biggest challenge up to date. The project took few months to complete from the idea to finalization stage. It was challenging on multiple levels. Firstly, we've set out to create a completely customized landing design and merge 2 websites (Shopify wholesale and Shopify retail) into one. We've created a dynamic way of doing so that's as easy as a click of a button.

Then we've proceeded to create a custom ordering form for the most luxurious (most expensive too) wines that you can find today. It was a bit of a challenge as it required quite a few moving parts to be implemented, like storing email in browser cache and bulk sending interest order notes. After that, we've proceeded to the back end to figure out how to optimally sync the inventory and product information from 3 completely different systems. 

We've done so through bit of Shopify API magic, CSV analysis and modifications and ultimately, the system was in place and ready. To wrap up the whole project, we've run a bit of a spy mission on Genesis Wines competition and showed them a couple of tricks that they will be using to outsell and outsmart their competition. It was their first experience with a Shopify store and Shopify apps and it proved to be extremely effective due to such an intuitive user interface that Shopify's got.

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