Lazy Francis

Case Study: Lazy Francis
Industry: High Fashion
Challenge: Redesign and re-imagine the website. Optimize both the code and SEO, upgrade and maintain all the features, including the custom coded slider.

Lazy Francis Kaleido Shopify

Store transformations are never easy. Lazy Francis firstly needed to have the theme upgraded, with all the contents ported over to the new theme. Since the theme was quite customized, it was quite tricky but a Shopify API script that we've designed for another client was of great help here. We managed to use that script to port over the theme configuration and contents to the new store theme. 

Second part of the challenge was the SEO. We first had to clean the theme and remove all the unnecessary junk code and to adjust all the small SEO aspects (thankfully we use our Kaleido checklist for that) which ultimately proved quite valuable for the brand. We implemented our image optimization technology to reduce the image size 50% more than any other software around without losing any quality. It was a proof of concept that worked amazingly well and we use that piece of software every single day. 

Lastly, we proceeded to put adjust the copy of the site just slightly, to have the most optimized solution possible and to go that extra mile in order to have the site perform the best that it can. We then proceeded to add a quick, custom coded slider, to polish the whole design.

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