Case Study: SheZain
Industry: Fashion & Clothes
Challenge: Store development from scratch including custom developed side menus and a customized checkout process.

Shezain Kaleido Shopify

SheZain was a very special and proud moment for us. It was one of our first clients in the GCC area. As a business with its HQ in Europe, it was amazing to see that we were able to spread our expertise further and help kickstart a very successful business in Oman. 

There were quite a few challenges with the setup. We started with analyzing the customers in the GCC area and their behavior. After that, we proceeded to create a design strictly targeted for that market, which doesn't look exactly the same as the designs we would do for the European market. Especially since in GCC zone, people are used to having mobile apps, rather than stores. Thus, we proceeded to consult on creating a mobile app for SheZain and to put everything together, design, seo and marketing in order for SheZain customers to have a seamless and unique buying experience. 

The website is still under constant improvement and monitoring in order to keep it running as smooth as possible. They're one of the first customers that used our Instant Page Load Shopify app in production. 

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