Case Study: Simris Alg
Industry: Nutrition
Challenge: Develop a pixel perfect Shopify Theme, including a dynamic call to action banner.

Simris Kaleido Shopify

Simris already had a very nice theme to start with. Design wise. However, they required a pixel perfect precision due to their extremely tight design standards and we had to deliver. It was tricky to get everything pixel perfect on all types of screens and it required nudging around, but at the end, we came out with a result that impressed the client and launched us to the top of the list of several Shopify reward sites. 

We then proceeded to add a dynamic, seasonal banner, fully customizable to do regular promotions during each holiday season.

There was one more tricky thing. We had to port all these changes to another website. The porting had to be instant our Shopify app development team had to come up with a private Shopify app that would keep both sites in sync at all times. Implementing our years of experience working on Rails platform with neat tricks of Shopify API (and tons of coffee) we managed to create a Kaleido Shopify Store Sync script. It was gorgeous and we since implemented it in 30+ stores that need to keep things in sync, design-wise. 

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