Worldbuilders Market

Case Study: WorldBuilders Market
Industry: Charity
Challenge: Specialized system for donations. Show all elegible donations and calculate their totals to bring in even more donations.

Worldbuilders Market Shopify Kaleido

Every now and again, we get to work on something completely different and so amazingly challenging that it gets us all pumped up. Such was a private donation Shopify app project that we did for Worldbuilders market. Moreover, it was another great landmark, it was one of our first Shopify Plus stores we worked on. 

Shopify Plus stores are a completely different beast that works in a different way than a regular Shopify store. It's much faster, more powerful and has many more APIs available to the developers. This was precisely the way we've made the donations app happen. Using those APIs we were able to fetch the marketing analytics in real time and show them to the customers. With latency rate less than 1second we were able to get donations updated and show the customers exactly who was donating and how much. It was simply amazing to see so many people participating and donating to make other people's lives better. It was truly a humbling and beautiful experience for all of us here at Kaleido.

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