Kaleido PageLoad FAQ

Welcome you curious stranger. I know what you're thinking. How do I know if this whole thing is working? Well, hopefully the first hint will be that your site is much, much faster :)

Now, if you're more technologically inclined, here's a quick guide how to test if it's working properly:

  1. Make sure that the application has been installed. If you have changed the theme, just go back to the app and click the BUTTON to install the app. 

  2. Go to any page of your site with buttons. 

  3. Open Chrome Dev Tools (or dev tools of your choice) and click Network or Performance (advanced) tab.

  4. Click on a button to go to the next page and make a note of the page load time. We got the following results:
    PageLoad Kaleido app Shopify
    (optimized load).

    After that, do a hard page refresh and look how long it would take to load the page from scratch, without any preloading. 
    Non Optimized Page Load Kaleido
    (not optimized)
    The results are quite drastic. 50% speedup and the site was loaded within 500ms - we call that quite dramatic. Imagine speeding up your whole site without the need to add / remove or edit any code. Pretty neat, right?

  5. Close down all this browser and enjoy your store page benefits :)

This revolutionary and extremely simple technology helps us achieve incredible speeds on pretty much any theme, that comes with a cost of just a few lines of code. We truly hope you'll enjoy this little app as much as we enjoyed creating it.