Case Study:
Industry: Fashion and Clothing
Challenge: Create a customized, visually attractive and optimized multilingual fashion ecommerce / Shopify store.  

Shopify Kaleido Partners Experts Case Study Brandberry

In Europe, most of the stores have to be multilingual as they're normally selling in multiple currencies (normally USD, EUR and GBP) and in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Italian, etc). Creating a visually compelling story, powered by Shopify Translation API was quite an interesting challenge that we had spent few weeks on. 

It's always amazing to see a new fashion store come to life, because it not only offers everyone a chance to look their best, but also it gives us, as Shopify developers and Shopify partners a challenge, due to its unique needs. Moreover, Brandberry needed a few custom pieces of code, namely XML feed, a customized shipping calculator, brand filtering and a shipping pre-checkout selector. When all these pieces came together in beautiful harmony, we got a gorgeously looking and impressively functional website, that is of course mobile first.

We've previously worked on a project with the same client, namely for his website, so we knew the direction we were going and the experience proved to be even smoother than the first time.

The project is still ongoing, as there are always small things to be improved and adjusted.

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