Mio Gallery

Case Study: Mio Gallery
Industry: Arts & Crafts
Challenge: Complete Shopify Development, including a special checkout customization for customizable items and hyper SEO optimization.

Mio Gallery Kaleido Experts Shopify Arts store

Mio Gallery had to be created with one thing in mind - design. We used a default Shopify theme and started building upon it. We needed to add hyper customized fonts to create a Shopify store of their dreams. And we have done it. The design is simply stunning and clean, to match the spirit of the art that Mio Gallery sells. 

Moreover, we proceeded to adjust quite a few technical things, like the tabbed menus and perfectly match the design of the whole store. However, we wanted to push ourselves further. That's how we came up with the idea to create Instant PageLoad app which came to fruition a year later. The only goal of this app was to preload the pages on button hover and make the customer feel like the site is much faster than it is. At the end, we managed to make a gorgeously looking website, create a new app as a result of an idea and the need that Mio Gallery had and perhaps most importantly, to have ridiculous amounts of fun.

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