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Page Load Magic

Page Load Magic

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Perceived page loading is more important than what the page loading tests tell you.

Theme tweaking has reached new heights. Nowadays, it's impossible to further compress your store javascript and css code. Luckily, there is something that you can do to bring your customer experience to the next level. We have a simple trick to explore the fallacies of the mind. Here's how Kaleido PageLoad Magic works:

  • When the customer hovers over a link, we begin preloading the page that link is pointing to and once clicked, it will open much faster.
  • The customers will feel that the page loaded instantly but it won't be because of any script and image optimizations.
  • It works perfectly even if the theme is sluggish and page loading analytics don't really yield the best marks.
  • Even if you have a lot of code leftover from the other apps, Kaleido PageLoad Magic will almost magically speed up your website and improve your customers' shopping experience.

To begin, just click Download and enjoy the fastest possible browsing experience. Kaleido PageLoad Magic is free for all the members of Kaleido club. It's a missing component that every single Shopify theme should have and now, you do. 

Are you a geek and you're wondering how it works exactly? Say no more and click HERE

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