Case Study: tigsandboo.co.nz
Industry: Fashion and Clothing
Challenge: Custom Shopify app creation, free sample selector. Design & coding. 

Tigs&Boo Shopify Partners Experts Kaleido Custom App

We've recently started working with more and more fashion industry oriented Shopify ecommerce stores. That brought us new challenges which got progressively more exciting. This time we were building a customized Shopify app that offered customers to select up to 3 free samples before checking out. We opted to use a lightweight framework called VueJS in order to achieve this task.

There were a few main challenges with the project. Firstly, we had to control the flow and make sure that we keep track of the selected samples. We had to disable selection if 3 have already been selected. Moreover, by default Shopify allows you to check out as long as you have an item in the cart. Here, we used an old trick from our Byerly Parts project and linked the checkout to the items in cart. That way, we were dynamically able to disable the checkout button if you have a free sample in the cart but no regular items selected. Some people tried checking out free samples only. It's funny to see how people always try to game the system, but heck, it's just human nature. 

To conclude the project, we reshaped the initial design to match the current Tigs&Boo store design and made it look like it was a part of the theme. We've also bundled our app for any future use since we have a pattern of re-using our project code across the whole Shopify app building universe. 

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