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Page Speed Improvements

Page Speed Improvements

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There are 86000 seconds in a day. How long does it take for your site to load? 10s? 15s? A regular Shopify store takes a whopping 12 seconds to fully load. With average attentions span being 1/2 of that, you will be losing (conservatively) more than 60% of your potential buyers!

Compounding can make those 60% easily make or break your business. Using our proprietary tools we can help your Shopify store improve both its ranking and speed.

We have prepared 2 packages for you. Super boost allows 30%+ improvements to your store speed and consequently the rank. If you opt for insanity boost (this will bring your page load to under 6 seconds and optimize every single thing) we'll have to completely re-do your theme but if you're looking to have the fastest loading online store, you're at the right place. 

The best results can be achieved if you combine our Insane boost with a Shopify Plus store. If you're interested, just drop us an email and ask how we can make your store load almost instantly.

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