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SEO Audit

SEO Audit

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What's the best location to hide a dead body? Second page of Google.

Where is your store located in a Google search? With our SEO package, we review and analyze your SEO, compare to competition and fight your way to the #1 spot on the search engines. If you have visibility, you get traffic and customers. Includes audit, analysis and report with step by step recommendation on how to improve your SEO by up to 69,84%. SEO and marketing are going to either make or break your Shopify store. With our experts, you're sure to beat your competition like the Hulk did with Loki (Marvel fans).

Do you need even more? We now have customized packages for spying on your competition and seeing exactly how they're improving their business.

With our monthly consulting package you can now keep track of what your competition is doing to beat you. We also offer strategic, and dare I say slightly Machiavellian sessions to turn your competition's advantages into yours. Sounds fun? Let us know.

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