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Shopify Growth

Shopify Growth

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You are a serious business interested in a fast growth and expansion. We start by creating an unlimited trial Shopify store for you. We help you install essential apps, do smaller tweaks, set up  your products & collections as well as help you choose the theme. 
We help you set up payments & checkout and offer you 5 hours of ongoing consulting support for the first week of business. 

Before launching the store, we give you a handy startup guide so you can always have a refresher on essential Shopify features. With this Shopify add on, you'll be like Julius Caesar, marching his way to conquer Rome - please conquer your market, not Rome, please? Ok? Whew!

Shopify Growth Pack includes unlimited trial Shopify store. It's basically a fancy way of saying that you don't need to pay your monthly store fees until you're completely ready to launch your Shopify store. 

We also include our Kaleido Instant PageLoad Shopify app, free of charge. It will help you hit the ground running with the best page browsing experience, ever.

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